How to Hide Your Ass & Surf Anonymously in Beijing

The number of internet users are rapidly increasing every year all over the world. Especially in Beijing, China! Due to this larger growth in use of technology in everyday life, it has now become easier to spy on people, especially for the Chinese government! It is really possible for them to steal our data, emails and private conversations. Which is a common day occurrence in most Chinese cities.

HideMyAss: How VPN Works

There are a number of ways which we can use to protect our identity and browse through the internet anonymously. Consequently, it will also help to jump the Great Firewall of China. The IP address is our identity in internet. When you connect to internet, your ISP (internet service provider) will assign you an IP address. Hiding or changing the IP address is one of the common ways to surf anonymously. If you change your IP address and use some other IPs, then your original geographical location will be hidden. The website you are visiting will never find out from where you are visiting it.

The best popular ways of doing this is through proxy servers, VPNs etc. The one I honestly recommend because I have been using them for years, is HideMyAss which if you are serious about using the internet in a secure way, is a must service. Of course, don’t just take my word for it but read on to get to know more and choose the best way that fits you best.

How to hide your ass while using internet


Proxy is nothing but a web server. It can be used to hide our real IP address. When we use a proxy server, we are connecting to the website we want to visit via the proxy server. So basically the website will think that the connection is coming from the proxy server. The proxy will send and receive data on your behalf. It simply act as a relay. There are many proxy services available on the internet. To use them, first you have to get their IP address. Then enter that IP address to the proxy settings of your browser and you can start browsing anonymously. Proxies are slow and they do not encrypt your data.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPNs are the most popular method used to hide identities. Many free and paid VPN tools are available on internet. If you install any one of them, you can connect to a remote private network. Just like proxy servers, all your data will be tunnelled through this virtual network after you establish a successful connection. VPN not only hides your identity but also the data you send and receive is encrypted. Even if someone tries to spy on you by stealing your data transmission, the data will not be readable due to the encryption. Most VPN tools allows its users to select IP addresses so that the user can decide from which location they want their connection to appear.

It’s important to note, that HideMyAss is excellent because it supports both VPN & Proxy methods. Giving you the best of both digital worlds so to say!

Tor browser

If you are willing to move on to a new browser, then Tor is an excellent choice. Tor browser protects all your data and hides your location by bouncing your communication around a distributed network. Let’s say you are visiting a website. There will be multiple relays of private connections between the web server and your computer so that your data is extremely protected. The data will bounce through multiple locations before reaching its destination. Setting up Tor is simple. Install the browser and click on connect button and you are done. Your geographical location will be hidden.

There you go. So let’s get busy protecting, or hiding our asses while traveling Beijing!

Danny Park

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