Everyone Needs a Friend “May Tours” in Beijing

Everyone has to have their own style of travelling. For some, it’s about breaking boundaries, for others borders. I am the boundary kind of guy, who wants to find out more about oneself. And for that, travelling is simply the perfect hobby to make you grow and thinking about things like who am I, and why am I on this planet. Thinking about these questions doesn’t mean that you have the answers, and that’s the very trip that is taking place. Perhaps until the end of my life if you know what I mean. But those, who just want to cross the border without getting their necks into all kinds of adventurous and unknown situations are just as well entitled to enjoy their holiday.

May Tours Beijing

Better yet, these two kinds of people aren’t that far apart really. Because deep down, everyone is there to enjoy right. And if I would deny a certain kind of joy from my adventures, then I would be denying a part of myself right. The idea is to simply learn from anything and anyone, even if they are just so called “ordinary tourists”. In fact, with this way of thinking I don’t really consider my self a backpacker either. I like to think of it as something more profound, something that is just me. Like everyone else.

Probably a lot thanks to this attitude, I can help out a lot of people who come to Beijing for the first time. Not just show them around, but give them suggestions on how they can move around by themselves. Or then there are even those who like to use travel guides. Not every choice is going to be great for everyone, obviously. But if I would recommend one simply fantastic licensed tour guide group in the city of Beijing, it is May Tours. These guys are like your friends, because they want to enjoy their time. Having been with a few tour groups I can say that the level of service here is just astonishing because it doesn’t feel like some kind of business. They just make you want to tip them to bits because they are so awesome and great.

Being a tour guide in Beijing is not an easy job. Especially in the hot summer days, when they have to move all around. Imagine the feeling you have after you collapse to your hotel bed after a trip to The Great Wall of China. Well, multiply that by a hundred and you are somewhere near the feeling these generous guides are. So next time you are with them, please appreciate the effort that is put into the work. That’s why not every tour group is good and that’s exactly why I think May Tours is so amazing. I always recommend it to my friends and the word goes around. Feeling very lucky to have found such a great company.

Actually “May” means beautiful in Chinese and I think it’s the perfect name for them. Just wanted to recommend you to guys who needs a friend in Beijing. Because everyone does need one sooner or later, there are just different kinds. Making friends is another taking that probably I will be getting into another totally different sort of post.

Thanks and great to see you guys after such a long time. Maybe some technology related posts coming later. Who knows. Love.

Danny Park

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