A Look Into The Acrobatic Shanghai

While Beijing is our favourite destination, the second has to be the amazing city of Shanghai. This city too, is filled with the most stunning acrobatic performances and other performing arts. The picture above, is a special highlight from one of our favourites the Huxi Grand Theatre in Shanghai. Having watched the show many times in the past, it has never failed to give the goose bumps. And judging from the look of the audience, they just as or even more satisfied than me.

Huxi Grand Theatre Shanghai Acrobatics

What I first noticed about the Huxi performance, was that it’s special and different from other such performances in town. I love it when people dare to be different, creating special effects and interaction with the audience like never before. That fact alone, keeps me on my toes as I watch it at this grand theatre. Even the locals love it, which is usually one of the best signs of a good show. I have even seem them improve over the years, which is another aspect not that obvious in the Shanghai scene.

Hope you liked the picture as much as we did taking it. See you in Shanghai!