Acrobatic Show in Beijing

Without a question one of the best performances in the city has to be the “Acrobatic Show Beijing” venue hosted by Chaoyang Theater. This proud production is loud and colorful with excitement that originates from its founding year in 1984. While still retaining the original feel of traditional Chinese acrobatics, modern stunts have been adapted to create an ensemble like no other in Beijing.

Acrobatic Show Beijing

The Chaoyang Theater is highly popular with tourists and serves a wide variety of visitors from all around the world. The massive hall can fit up to 1400 spectators and with two daily shows, it’s hard to miss if you are in town.

Beijing 798 District

The 798 district of Beijing is an example of the abundance of creativity that is blooming within the city. This is the centre of art and hosts several exhibitions, shops as well as work shops where artists are busy creating their works of art. Visitors are welcome to walk around, get to know the locals and their art.

Beijing 798 District

Don’t mist this artistic fun town and it’s recommended to reserve the whole day so you don’t feel disappointed for the lack of time there. Let us know in the comments who you liked it as well.

The Great Wall

Obviously one of the biggest sights near Beijing is the Great Wall of China. This 13,170 mile stretch of painstaking work does not fail to amaze its visitors. Even the locals like to visit the walls over and over again. Not just the wall construction is amazing but so are the breathtaking mountain views!

Great Wall of China

I hope you liked the beautiful photograph I have taken from the wall. Let me know in the comments if there are other types of pictures you would like to see on my humble China blog. Cheers!