Beijing Tram in Qianmen

Not everyone could imagine that such a view can be found from Beijing. Qianmen Street is a strip of historical buildings,  more than 500 years old. Also the tram circulating the street is very old.. in fact the only tram in the whole city. But it has been left there for the enjoinment of visitors. Renovated and still operating!

Beijing Tram

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Beijing Night View

Beijing is a great place to watch some of the most magnificent night views in the world. With skyscrapers and huge buildings overcasting the night.. it’s a soothing feeling to watch from afar. Thus for those who can spend a little it’s a good time to live a little and feel alive watching the Beijing night.. from a hotel room that’s situated on top of a skyscraper!

Beijing Night View

Stunning isn’t it! One of my favourite pictures of all time.